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Prices - family + newborn sessions



My prices include a session fee that is payable up front to secure your booking and covers a consultation phone call, the preparation beforehand, my time on the session and your own private viewing page on my website. Only after the session when you have viewed the images in your gallery, will you decide how many extras you would like to purchase. 


My session fee is £150 for a weekday and £200 for a weekend, and sessions last between 1-2 hours. If you would like to know more about my digital image collections and other beautiful bespoke products I offer, please don't hesitate to get in touch. ​​

+ Collection 1 - 10 extra digital images - £220

+ Collection 2 - 20 extra digital images - £290

+ Collection 3 - all digital images (min of 50) - £350

+ What to expect from your photography session?​

+ What if I feel a little shy in front of the camera?

If you are feeling nervous, please don't worry, I understand how you feel so love to bring a fun relaxed atmosphere to every shoot. I will guide you through the process without making you do awkward posing, and you won't even have to look at the camera for most of the shots! I am happy to chat about this more before the shoot if it is a genuine worry.

+ What happens if one of us is ill on the day of the shoot?

Please don't worry, I do understand that things like this can happen. Let me know as soon as you can and we can reschedule as soon as possible. 

+ What if my child is over-excited or moody on the day?

I have years of experience photographing children, I have 2 myself and have a degree in Primary School teaching so have been in front of many children over the years. I aim to bring fun and adventure to the shoot, so they feel like they are playing the whole time - eventually we will get smiles and photos that reflect their personality, even if it takes a little longer! 

- This can apply to a newborn shoot too, if they are not on top form, we will factor in enough time for feeding, soothing and helping them to feel relaxed and happy. I will only take photos when they are calm and happy, which I'm sure will give us more than enough pictures. If the worst happens and your little one just can't be settled that day, then I am happy to rebook the shoot at your convenience. 

+ Do you use flash or natural light? 

I've always loved natural light, and with a little cloud cover outside, it is natures way of filtering the light for the most gorgeous skin tones, which are often the most flattering. I do however have flashlights I can bring if I predict we are going to need extra lighting, for eg. darker areas in your home for newborn or family sessions. 

+ What if my home is messy?

I have photographed every kind of home, large, small, light, dark, tidy or untidy, and I am confident that we can always find space to get some beautiful photos. If you would like the best possible photos, I would encourage you to do a few things to prepare your home before the shoot. Try and clear things from your bedroom and living areas that could cause distraction in the photographs, or that could look out of place e.g. clutter from your bedside tables or kitchen surfaces, and hide away plugs and wires ​- Just remember, things don't have to be perfect, as documentary style photography includes a lot of laughs and happiness in the middle of the family chaos! 

+ What time should I book the shoot?

For younger children, a good time is around 10 am, often after a sleep and snack and they have lots of smiles and energy. For older children, we can either do a weekend (although these do get booked up quickly), or we could do it straight after school if you take a change of clothes to the park for example. Children love to have a run around after school so this could be an ideal time for a different kind of fun!

+ What shall we all wear? 

I do have extra information that I can send you when you book a shoot with me, but a little advice here is to wear something you are comfortable in, and that won't go out of fashion quickly. I would always advise families to have a theme running through their outfits, but not to match too closely as this can date your photos quickly too. Have in mind the season we are photographing in. If it is Autumn, you may want lovely jumpers and scarves rather than big winter coats, and in the summer, you can wear softer shirts, skirts or T-shirts and jeans. Whatever you all feel comfortable in (this may end up meaning one of you comes as Spiderman for some of the photos!!) 


Family sessions

+ Whether you have one child or a whole tribe, truly capturing the essence of a family is a challenge, but one I love to take on. No forced smiles, only fun, surprises and laughter, the kind of fun children have when they think no-one is watching. Even tantrums become a part of the memories we all love later in life. My photography sessions will capture all of this; child-led happy portraits of your family life in London. 

+ If you are thinking that you've missed the boat and your children are too old for a photo session, think again, I have had lots of fun photographing older kids and young adults as the way they talk to each other brings a lot of genuine laughter :) 



Family Sessions 

Newborn sessions 

+ There is no right or wrong time to have a newborn session as all babies are magical to photograph. If however, you would like to capture the very new 'crunching up' stage (when they roll themselves into a ball as soon as you pick them up - just adorable!) then I would suggest getting a shoot booked in after you have had your 20 week scan, and within the first 3 weeks of baby being born. If you would prefer your little one to be more alert, and maybe even capture a smile or 2, then the 3 month point is a great age for that. Of course, there is nothing to stop you from booking multiple shoots to capture their progress during their first year. If you would like to do this, please get in touch so we can discuss a reduced rate enabling us to capture all the beautiful first milestones! 

+ I like to do newborn sessions in the comfort of your own home, so you can relax as a new family and go at your own pace, with everything you need to hand. I will subtly guide and position you all to make the most of the light for eg. but also gently capture those in-between moments, nappy changes, feeds and when they need comforting, in a beautiful documentary style, making memories of the whole process. This should be a time for you to bond and enjoy each other and bring siblings in to capture portraits of those precious bonds of love beginning to grow. 

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